的 wellness objectives for 2023 will remain the same as of 2022.  员工 澳门新葡新京 Medical plan have the opportunity to earn either a $50 per month wellness credit (for PPO plans) or an HSA Employer Contribution if they meet the following wellness 目标的 2022年9月30日.  

To earn a credit or contribution, employees will need to complete the following by 2022年9月30日:

  • 注册 with 移动健康 而且 complete the online health risk assessment (if you 已经这么做了)
  • Complete a Biometric screening (through your physician or an off-site lab - more information 下图)
  • Participate in 而且 complete two 移动健康 Challenges (one must be a team challenge)  OR 参加wonderhealth或Livongo.

If you are already registered with 移动健康 而且 completed the online health risk assessment, you are not required to complete the items in bullet one, however, you are able to update your online health risk assessment, if you so choose. 

If you have any questions, contact 人力资源 at (972) 721-5255 or benefits@lbm-efo.com

〇安第斯山徒步旅行 流动医疗队伍挑战赛

注册 安第斯山脉徒步旅行 移动健康 团队挑战赛将于2022年4月25日星期一开始!  Your mission is to work together with your team to walk one million steps 而且 travel 穿过安第斯山脉..  这个为期四周的挑战开始了 2022年5月2日 和结束 2022年5月29日.  的 安第斯山脉徒步旅行 challenge counts towards the 2022 移动健康 challenge requirement to receive the 2023 $50.每月00元健康积分.  

您可以创建或加入一个多达10人的团队. 团队里的人越多, 你越快就能走到一百万步!  你的团队中应该指定一个人 队长.  的 team captain will set up the team on the 移动健康 应用程序 or website 而且 invite the other teammates to join their team with the team’s registration code.  Once the challenge begins on May 2nd, you cannot change teams.  登记 为 安第斯山脉徒步旅行 挑战赛将于2022年5月6日(周五)结束. 要开始,请下载并在移动端注册 健康 在这里 (如果你还没有). Select ‘安第斯山脉徒步旅行’ under Team Challenges (challenge 将于4月25日上映). 

Before the challenge begins, get ready by adding your activity tracker to your Mobile 医疗应用.  你也可以手动输入你每天的步数或运动量. 

If your team reaches 1,000,000 steps, everyone on the team will receive a raffle ticket 赢取价值25美元的亚马逊礼品卡.  将随机选出五名优胜者.  的 team with the most steps overall will also win $25 Amazon Gift Cards.

Don’t miss your opportunity to complete a team challenge, one of the four requirements 来获得你的健康积分! 


祝贺 短剑Ashenhart, 克里斯汀VanCleve 而且 莱恩·赛尔斯执事!  他们每人都赢得了一张价值150美元的全食礼品卡. 

Participants are entered into the quarterly raffle by interacting in the 移动健康 应用程序.  By completing more tasks 而且 challenges, you gain more tickets into the raffle.  Winners can choose from either a $150 Whole Foods Gift Card, $150 Academy Gift Card, 或苹果Airpods(第二代).

下一次抽签将于2022年7月举行.  祝你好运!



祝贺 all of the teams who completed the Walk to the Moon Team Challenge.  Many of our teams met the one million step challenge 而且 walked to the moon.  的 biggest surprise of the challenge is that many of our teams even walked TWO MILLION 步——去月球再回来!  多么了不起的团队合作啊!

Below are the final results (by total steps) 为 Walk to the Moon challenge:

  1. 阿基里斯肌腱炎- 2,685,021
  2. 行走的土拨鼠- 2,470,009
  3. 澳门新葡新京田径- 2,074,495
  4. 红衣主教十字军- 2036,323
  5. STEAM黾:2034,546
  6. 灵魂伴侣——1,655,597
  7. UA Space Jam - 1,331,543
  8. 古普塔土拨鼠回归- 1,271,199
  9. 月球步行者- 1077,219
  10. Dc-lig - 1,032,089
  11. 音乐- 974,724

祝贺你 Anthony Nussmeier, Olivia Hern而且ez, Fanny Martin, Kelly O’Briant, 而且 Paula Brown.  他们都是在随机抽奖中被选中赢得25美元.00亚马逊礼品卡!  员工 who participated in the Team Walking Challenge 而且 met their 1,000,000 step goal were 参加了这次抽奖.    

As an added bonus, starting with this challenge, everyone on Team 阿基里斯腱炎 (它有一个惊人的2.6800万步)还可以获得价值25美元的亚马逊礼品卡.  恭喜阿喀琉斯跟腱炎!

移动健康, Wondr 健康(原名自然苗条) 而且 Livongo are available to employees 而且 their spouses currently enrolled in a 澳门新葡新京官方网站 medical plan 通过BCBS-TX.  Scroll below for more information about our amazing wellness partners!



Peer Challenges let you challenge your fellow coworkers on the 移动健康 应用程序 to a weeklong challenge focusing on continuing a current habit or developing a new one. Challenges like Step It Up (a step challenge), Strive for Five (eating more fruits 和蔬菜)或Neat & Tidy (getting organized) help you form healthy habits while 有一些有趣的,友好的竞争.  

你可以在任何时候建立一个同伴挑战.  登录移动健康应用程序 在这里 点击“健康和财富”选项卡下的“挑战”.  选择一个挑战和邀请 你的朋友们.  You can also enter your challenge code t在这里 that you receive 加入别人的挑战.  一旦挑战开始,你就能看出谁是领导者 在挑战的排行榜上.


移动健康- 澳门新葡新京的官方健康应用程序!

Your new hub for viewing your health benefits, wellness program, digital copies of your medical ID cards, personalized well-being information, 而且 more!  你可以访问 it on your desktop or on your smartphone through the 移动健康 应用程序. 注册 在这里 移动医疗.  

Wondr 健康(原名自然苗条)

澳门新葡新京's digital behavioral partner for weight loss 而且 metabolic syndrome reversal.  



Electronically connected glucose monitor 而且 blood pressure cuff.  获得免费测试 strips 而且 lancets, free equipment, 而且 health coaching with Livongo.  注册 Livongo在 http://welcome.livongo.com/TXHEALTH/now.  




Schedule a biometric screening with an off-site lab or take a form to your personal 医生完成.  

注册 在这里 to be seen at an off-site lab or to receive the physician form to take to your own 医生.  筛选的关键是 HMA181.  





的 澳门新葡新京官方网站 recently earned high marks of excellence from leading publications – including moving up to the #2 spot for “Best Value” among U.S. 新闻 & 世界报告评选的西方“最佳大学”, as well as 的 Princeton Review’s Best 388 大学 而且 “America’s Top 大学” by Forbes.